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“Amazing creativity, excellent work ethics, attention to details and client's suggestions. Julie is an excellent designer, exhibiting great creativity at every project. Her attention to every detail, the ability to satisfy all technical requirements and specifications make her an indispensable provider of graphic design services.” 

President, NB Enterprises





Brand identity conveys a polished and strong message for your lodge or organization across all your communication vehicles. It's the difference between looking professional and looking amateur.

Print Design


In this highly digital world, we still have a great need for print marketing. In fact, most of the projects I've done are printed. Benesque can provide you with a custom, beautifully designed piece that adds tremendous value to your organization and makes your project shine.


Web Design


An online presence is crucial. Benesque can provide you with a custom, beautifully designed responsive website and social media graphics that will add tremendous value to you, loads quickly and looks good on any device your viewers are using.


About Me



Designer and Founder of Benesque Design

Benesque Design began in 2008, designing publications for the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia, FAAM. Since then the client list has expanded over the years to serve clients from not only the DC and Virginia area, but also New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and London that include several Masonic organizations, Greek Letter fraternities, and non-profit organizations. 


Clients continue to call upon my services because I have a distinct talent of providing exactly what they need... a beautifully designed piece that enhances and never distracts from the message - which is what good design should always do. I work extremely well with my clients and vendors. They know that they can rely on me to get the job done efficiently and without incident.



Benesque (pronounced behn-esk) is the combination of two terms, "bene" and "esque." 

  • Bene is a Latin word-forming element meaning good or well. 

  • Esque is a French word-forming element indicating style, manner, resemblance, or distinctive character.


Therefore the translation of Benesque Design is... In the style of good design.


I believe in this wholeheartedly, and it's just how I work. Good design isn't just aesthetically pleasing. Good design also needs to be purposeful.

Image by INVICTUS Tailoring﹒sneaker sock
“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” 

- Steve Jobs -


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